On behalf of New Zealand Universities Rugby ( “NZU Rugby”) , it is my great pleasure to wish Bunmei Okabe best wishes for his exhibition in Japan next year. NZU Rugby has a special relationship with Bunmei dating back to 1967 when four of our NZU Players on tour to Japan visited Bunmei in hospital who had suffered a major injury playing rugby. Bunmei credits that visit by our players as helping Bunmei to overcome his serious injury to become a world famous painter of clowns. In 2011 Bunmei visited New Zealand to meet the four players and their families to thank the players for their act of kindness in visiting Bunmei in hospital in 1967 . Bunmei presented a magnificent painting to the NZRU and NZU Rugby to mark his visit. NZU Rugby is very proud of our long relationship with Bunmei and we wish him every success for his exhibition .


Roger Drummond.

President of New Zealand Universities Rugby