Dear Bunmei

It was wonderful to hear from you again and to get the news that you have an exhibition that will be associated with the Rugby World Cup in Japan in 2019.
My trip to Japan in 1967 as a member of the NZ University Rugby team was the first time I had left NZ. Japan’s culture, its history and the warmth and hospitality of the people we met made a huge impression on me as a 20 year old student.
Little did I realise that over 40 years later when Steve and I met you in NZ that a visit that four of our team made to you in hospital was an important factor in your recovery from the severe injury that you had experienced. The thought that this visit was so important to you was very humbling for me and a strong reminder of how one should never underestimate the impact of acts of kindness, no matter how insignificant they appear at the time.
Your vibrant and colourful paintings are an inspiration to us all of how you have managed to create such a positive view of the world out of such a tragic accident.
My best wishes for the exhibition.

Murray Brown
NZ Universities 1967